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Mondovì (“ël Mondvì” in Piedmontese dialect) is a town of 22,748 inhabitants, which increase to 35.000 in the urban area of the province of Cuneo in Piedmont: the fifth largest city by population in the whole province after Cuneo, Alba, Bra and Fossano and the twenty-seventh of the Piedmont Region. Mondovì is part of the so-called "seven sisters", which are the seven most important cities of the province along with Cuneo, Alba, Bra, Fossano, Savigliano and Saluzzo. Its name comes from the fact that its initial core, now known as Rione "Mondovi Piazza”, was built on a hill close to the pre-existing town of Vicoforte: in fact its present name of Mondovi, derived from the abbreviation of "Mont ëd Vico" ("mountain of Vico"). Divided into six districts called Piazza, Breo (centre of the town), Carassone, Borgato, Altipiano and Ferrone, its symbol is the civic tower of Belvedere, but equally well-known and famous are the hot air balloons, the ceramics and lets not forget the ancient but fully working cable car!

<< Visiting Mondovi and Monregalese means discovering a world of ancient history, precious art, rooted culture, but also suggestive nature, summer and winter sports activities, events, shopping and gastronomy of excellence… Visiting Mondovi means to rediscover the pleasure of living in a friendly territory, in which a walk can enclose the visit of a thousand treasures of art, to sit at the table still means enjoying ancient and genuine traditions, or even to sleep in accommodation and feel pampered just as at home, but with a touch of history… The City has its roots in the Middle Ages and lives in the present from the rich artistic heritage, in which it is possible to find Gothic origins and Baroque restyling of the city by the architect Francesco Gallo and other great names. The surrounding area hosts the main ski area of the province, many natural parks, caves, spas, archaeological digs and just few minutes from the centre there is the huge Mondovicino shopping centre. Mondovi and Monregalese are the places to discover, share and experience... the ideal place for tourists with different needs and aspirations... dedicated to culture, hospitality, respect for the environment, slow living… >>


  • 50 km from Turin
  • 20 km from Cuneo
  • 50 km from Savona
  • 15 km from the most important local ski areas

Some of the most important events and activities that involve the town of Mondovì:

  • International Aerostatic Epiphany Gathering
  • The Carnival of Mondovi, a historical re-enactment in which the town remembers the invasion of the Moors, the new Bela Monregaleisa is elected and there is the traditional float parade
  • Three Refuges - International Ski Mountaineering Race
  • Spring Fair, an itinerant exhibition in old town centre
  • Spring Meeting - National Meeting of Athletics, an event that over the years has hosted many champions such as Koura Kaba Fantoni and Andrew Howe Besozzi
  • Football City Districts Tournament - City of Mondovi Trophy, sponsored by the City of Mondovi, the Province of Cuneo and the Piedmont Region
  • Craft Show, in August in the old town centre of Piazza
  • Model Air Show - Annual International Aircraft Exhibition, organized by the Official Aircraft Mondovì Group
  • Feu d'la Madona, fireworks show to celebrate the Virgin of the Vicoforte Sanctuary
  • Peccati di Gola, exposition of culinary excellence
  • Regional Truffle Fair
  • SCCday – The Day of Loyal Sports
  • Fiera del Bue Grasso (culinary beef meat fair in Carrù)
  • Giro delle Valli Monregalesi - Cycling Race


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